I'm not a genius. I'm more like a genie.

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  • Relativity

    I accepted a slightly lower paying job than the other analysts at the firm I work at, because I was promised less overtime and less stress. To me, no amount…

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  • Jealousy

    The definition of jealousy is "feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages." [Dictionary.com] In the past 12 days I've been studying hatha yoga in India,…

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  • Resolutions

    The end of 2013 was such a shit show that my only resolution for 2014 was to be able to hockey stop. It was simple, accessible, difficult, and mastering it…

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  • Try again.

    I shake back and forth between being a woman with something to say and being a person who does not want to be seen. Between being a leader pushing forward and a little kid who doesn't…

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  • The Re-Education of a Panda

    Some friends are having some troubles so I present to you an abridged educational autobiography to convince you that if I can do it then you, too, can do it..…

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  • They’re alright

    I have met some pretty interesting students in the Beijing program. They're worldly and well-traveled, and are the children of doctors and diplomats and businessmen. I feel a little bit…

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  • The Great Panda Adventure

    Travel brings power and love back into your life. -Rumi I lost someone really important to me this year. I have written that sentence so many times, and nothing ever…

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